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DOMAIN REGISTRATION .com .net and .org .info .biz
1 year $15.00/yr $15.00/yr $15.00/yr
2 years $14.40/yr $14.40/yr $14.40/yr
3 years $13.80/yr $13.80/yr $13.80/yr
4 years $13.20/yr $13.20/yr $13.20/yr
5 years $12.60/yr $12.60/yr $12.60/yr
6 years $12.00/yr $12.00/yr $12.00/yr
7 years $11.40/yr $11.40/yr $11.40/yr
8 years $10.80/yr $10.80/yr $10.80/yr
9 years $9.70/yr $9.70/yr $9.70/yr
10 years $8.99/yr $8.99/yr $8.99/yr

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